Are you ready to exponentialize your energetic capacities and awareness, tapping into your potency with the presence of all energies to create beyond what you never imagined possible and empowering you to know that YOU can create ANYTHING! #ASIFBYMAGIC

Discover possibilities with energies you never knew you had or could exist!

Be invited to reconnect with your source of power and potency - YOU!

Learn how to become aware of, and aggressively present, with all energies.


May 8, 2019


IRELAND - 2 day Class

May 18-19, 2019


Toronto, CANADA

May 15, 2020


Registration Link COMING SOON.

Glenyce Hughes travels first class around the

world facilitating people to "have it all!"

A successful AWESOME-preneur, Glenyce’s creed of improving the quality of life for people around the

world has directly impacted virtually millions with her

radio show, private speaking engagements,

tele-seminars, virtual online courses, live events

and private 1-on-1 sessions.

This intuitively aware, internationally best-selling author is a recognized authority on the symmetry of magic, business, life, body, wealth & abundance.

What began as a young woman’s desire to assist people to transform the quality of their lives has grown into a crusade to empower a nation.

Creating the #asifbymagic movement, Glenyce’s easy guidance, questions, tools and processes used to clear your life of what isn’t working has sparked a magic craze.

She is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

and Radio Show Host with Voice America.